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Ayurvedic Back Body massage

  • 1 uu
  • 70 euro
  • Prins Hendrikplein

Beschrijving van de dienst

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy is holistic body treatment which focuses on balancing body energy and regaining optimal health. During massage a specific oils are used based on person individual Ayurvedic constitution and identified imbalance. The main benefits of such massage are - - Removing of old age, fatigue, excess wind - Improving eye sight - Strengthening body and skin - Improving skin texture - Inducing sleep & dream - Increasing longevity and many many more During massage I will help to relax tensions in your body with various techniques, massage all main muscles to increase their blood flow, use Pinda Sweda to release joint/muscle pain and massage body Marma and Chakra points to unblock any stuck energy in your body. I would welcome you 15 minutes before the massage for Ayurvedic Dosha constitution consultation and to hear about any pains or difficulties as such information will shape the provided massage and it will allow me to also provide you with tips on dietary and lifestyle choices which together with the massage can help you to be and stay in balance. About Me My name is Zuzana and for years I’ve been obsessed with Yoga & Ayurveda and their amazing benefits towards our health. I enjoy learning new things and spreading this thousands years old knowledge. If I’m not on yoga mat or by massage table you most likely find me strolling with my beloved dog (Bijou) or with friends having some good food (yes I’m the millennial foodie:)) or during rainy days reading some inspiring book. To know more about me feel free to visit my website or follow me on Instagram under flow_to_glow


Reserveringen voor behandelingen kunnen tot uiterlijk 24 uur voor het desbetreffende tijdstip worden geannuleerd, daarna wordt het hele bedrag in nota gebracht. Reserveringen voor workshops kunnen tot 5 dagen voor de desbetreffende workshop kosteloos worden geannuleerd. Daarna wordt 50% in rekening gebracht. Op de dag zelf geldt geen restitutie.


  • Prins Hendrikplein 18, 2518 JC Den Haag, Netherlands

    + 0611378836

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